Léa Gagossian

About me

I am Léa Gagossian, I work both as a mediator and a lawyer.
I have a taste for challenges, I am a half-marathoner and I practice alpine skiing, aerial yoga and surfing. I love cooking as it is a opportunity for sharing moments with others.
I firstly chose to become a lawyer because I truly desired to solve entrenched and disempowering situations. My professional training and my clients have led me to specialize in Business Law and then in Real Estate Law.
This experience as a lawyer has helped me forge the following observation: our judicial system has seriously showed its limits. If French justice promises its citizens a legal solution and by extension a "just" one, it cannot control - or no longer - the price to pay to come to it. And when I say the price to pay, it encompasses more than money.
Courts are overloaded, judges don't want or can no longer hear lawyers make their case, cases are sometimes browsed through too quickly and delays are inconceivable. This observation ended up generating a certain frustration in me becaue I was unable to satisfy my clients at 100%, who were annoyed by the slowness of procedures and felt they had not been fully understood by the judges even when we had won the case.
So, I turned towards mediation training. Where justice promises a winner and a loser, mediation promises an agreement: a satisfactory solution for everyone in record time.

My approach to work

To let everyone express themselves in their own words and their own emotions like a first draft.


Dissect everyone's intentions and ideas


Rephrase and summarize the proposals


Foster relations and exchanges


Use the time of mediation as an opportunity for cooperation

My background

  • 2021: Mediator Certificate - AVONEGO Program (200 hours)

  • 2015: Professional Lawyer's Certificate
  • 2013: competitive examination to access the regional center for vocational training of the legal profession of Aix en Provence

  • 2012: MA in Economic Law
      under the direction of Pr. Jacques Mestre - Institute of Business Law of Aix en Provence
  • 2011: MA in Business Law – Aix Marseille University
  • 2010: Bachelor of Law – Aix Marseille University

  • My skills at your disposal

    Listening 100%
    Pragmatism 100%
    Empathy 100%


    I am at your disposal Feel free to contact me